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MIA, Cancer and Novels

Yes, I know, I have been MIA for almost 2 years. It’s a long time to disappear when you’re a writer. Writer’s are usually the ones you can reply on to be slaving away at their desks clinging to the hope that this months work might produce the piece that finds them at least one new reader.

You may wonder where I have been, and I would love to tell you I’ve been hiking in the Himalayas or base jumping in the Grand Canyon (could you imagine that!)  But, unfortunately, the reality is far less exciting. I’ve been battling cancer. Yes, the big C. And not surprisingly my creative flow dried up- as did a few other things.

Physically I went through 6 months of chemotherapy, 3 operations and have now just finished a 5 week course of intensive radiotherapy (everyday for 5 weeks). It was a lot to put my body through but the most difficult part is the affect it had on me mentally- not to mention the affect it had on my young daughter. Luckily, I have an amazing family who got us through it and some friends who were always there, ready to party when I needed to let off some steam.

Now I am still waiting for the results of the radiotherapy but for the first time in a long time I feel good. Perhaps not back to my usual self but I’m definitely on my way.

Which brings me to the here and now, my reason for writing this post. I have finally come back to work! I am sat in front of my desk and ready to type away.

My long awaited debut novel is almost ready for your critical eye. I am editing away as we speak and I have a wonderful designer working on the front cover. I will reveal the novel’s title very soon. It is expected to be released late this spring. I hope you are as excited as I am!


P.S. Oh, and that serial novel I promised but was not able to deliver… I will get back on that one as soon as possible with double installments for you!

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Back Again

It seems that being swept along by the river of creativity has made me neglect all my responsibilities. I have to tell you that I think this one may just be worth it; I have never had so much fun writing in my life and I love writing!
What is your creative stream up to?

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Book Review

Reckless Magic by Rachel HigginsonSo, this book made me sit up through the night so I thought I would share it with you. It’s called Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson.

To be perfectly honest my expectations for this book were low. The front cover just screams self-published and I have not yet had a good experience with a self pub book of this genre, but I am happy to admit I was wrong about this one.
I think it’s target audience is the teenage market but the intricately woven storyline would also make it a perfectly acceptable YA Fantasy for us twenty and thirty somethings.
Despite it’s need for some serious editing with its over punctuation, missed out words and the odd sentence in the wrong tense, to name but a few, these issues can and should be overlooked. Self-published books are nearly alway guilty of these editing mishaps and any reader willing to read indie works should already have accepted that fact.
I could guess a few of the storyline twists long before they happened but that didn’t seem to matter as it was fast paced and always had something interesting going on. It may have suffered a little from repetition but it still did not put me off and I found myself eager to sit up through the night and into the early hours to continue reading.
The ending was a little too abrupt as though this and the next book in the series had originally been written as one and later separated but I suppose that the writer wanted to make it obvious that there was still so much more to come that you would just have to go and get the next book whether it was on your to read list or not.

All in all I would most certainly recommend this book to anyone interested in this genre. I thought it was excellent and with the right editor this writer could easily make it onto the bestsellers list.

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It’s out!

Okay, so, as promised, episode one is now out on the blog. Please bear in mind that I am posting episodes as first drafts without any editing and doubt they will ever get any further than that. For that reason, please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes that have slipped in – I am sure you will find many 🙂

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Crossways – Episode One

The silence in the room as the small, fragile looking Japanese man stared at me was enough to make even the sanest of men paranoid. He looked at me as though I had just stepped off a spaceship from planet Zorg and had six tentacles hanging from my nostrils. I was willing him to speak, actually visualising my brain waves as I sent them across the room. Speak damn you, speak!  But it didn’t work. He still sat there, staring at my nostrils, his shiny black eyebrows drawn together like the funny draft excluder shaped like a some sort of furry worm grandma Bessie made me one Christmas.

The crazy thing was, I didn’t even need to be here. It was my boss who  insisted I go. I think he had read somewhere that all American’s had shrinks and probably thought he was doing me a favour. The fact that I not actually American hasn’t helped my cause.

I glanced at my watch and then back to the Japanese guy. When he’d said we should have some quiet reflection time I hadn’t realised he’d meant for the whole hour. It seemed to me he was doing everything he could to avoid asking me any questions and I was beginning to wonder if he really was qualified.

‘Hey Doc, I’d better be getting to work. Why don’t we call it a day, huh?’

I didn’t think he was going to answer me and I was beginning to wonder of suffering from some sort of narcolepsy. To be honest, as the furry worm began to twitch, was starting to lose patience.

Finally he spoke.

‘You’ve been through quite an ordeal Mr James. You need to give your brain time to process it.’

‘I’m fine, Doc, really. There’s no point in me wasting your time.’

I stood up.

‘Let me ask you this Mr James. When you came here today, how did you get here?’

I shrugged. ‘My secretary dropped me off.’

The Doc nodded.

‘And you are heading back to the office now Mr James?’

‘I sure am.’

‘And how do you plan on getting there?’

‘I’ll hail a cab.’

‘Not the underground?’

I froze. I knew where he was going with this and I didn’t want to play.

‘A cab’ll be quicker,’ I told him.

‘In London this time of the day? The underground is a much faster choice.’

‘Really? I’ll google.’ I said, making for the door as fast as I could without raising too much suspicion.

‘Mr James!’

Damn him!


I tried to smile but it felt so fake I gave up.

‘If you change your mode of transport, the next time you tell me you’re fine I might just believe you.’

I nodded slowly, hating the feeling of been scolded by headmaster who’d just caught me red handed photocopying the exam results.

‘Okay Mr James. Same time next week.’

And with his final words I ran straight through the door, down the stairs and out into the safety of the street, all before he could change him mind.

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Worth Consideration? I think so.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the serial I promised you – it will be on its way to your screens soon. But first I thought I’d tell you all about a new company I’ve been told about. It is a new publishing company called Prose and Verse Books and although they are still in the process of getting everything set up before the launch, word seems to have got out about them. So, as all their notifications say to email their admin team for any information, I did. I was pretty impressed by the quick response from them and amazed that I was even offered a nice chat with a lovely lady from their office. Apparently, as well as being a publishing house, Prose and Verse Books are setting up an online bookshop and not only will they sell books they have published themselves but they will also sell books from self-published indie authors. At first it was this reaching out to self-pubs like myself that caught my attention, especially when she gave me a quick run through of their price list and told me that every author whose book is sold in their shop will also have their own author profile page and that readers could purchase paperbacks as well as different ebook formats – oh yes, and a book review too! And not to mention that they will be offering this service to indie authors for free during 2013!

But when she gave me the run through of the publishing deals they had to offer, I have to admit that I was tempted. And still am! I had expected them to be a vanity publisher if I am honest, but they are not, and you never have to hand them over a penny.

All in all I was very impressed with what they had to say so I’ll post a picture of their banner (I found it online  so I hope they don’t mind) and you can keep an eye out for them. Once they are up and running and have their feet under the table I think they are going to be a very exciting company!


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Hmmm, How About Some Fiction

Just for you, my lovely followers, I have decided to write a new short story. I will not be releasing it as a book and you will only be able to find it on my blog, which means it is absolutely and completely free! Taking inspiration from my colleague  A.C. Fullwood I have decided to post a short, flash fiction style chapter right here once a week. Once I have decided on a title, I will create a corresponding page where you can click and find the weekly installments. So meet me back here next week and let the story begin!

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Sorry guys, how mean am I? I tell you about a great new meeting place for writers and then forget to give you the link to the place! Meanie meanie.

You’ll find the CTZ Writers Club here and since its opening a few days ago it has been gaining members fast. So what are you waiting for? 🙂

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Exciting News!

The ebook publisher Café Three Zero have just opened the CTZ Writers Club. It is a forum for anyone who is a writer – or interested in discovering new writers – and all are welcome to join. It is free to all and always will be. It is still a bit quite on there but I suspect that is because it has literally only just opened. I am already signed up and will be on there quite a lot as I am a CTZ Staff Writer.

Hopefully I will meet some of you there and get to know you 🙂

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Over the Block

I am glad to say that the very inconvenient writers block has now been clambered over! Let no obstacle stand in thy way. And no, I am afraid I found no miracle remedy for it, just plain old fashioned perseverance. To see my eight year old scribbling away with her own new story while I just sat there with not a single word added to my screen was more than a little frustrating I have to admit. But I’m there now.

Good luck to anyone out there still struggling with it 🙂 

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